Tropiques Nord

Within her series of work Tropiques Nord (2018) Lidija Delić reveals paintings and audio-visual installation, conceptually developed around discursive representations of tropical landscapes and the idea of ​​their de (re) construction. The images from the series were created during and after their stay at the artistic residence in Iceland in 2017, while the installation is inspired by the famous ethnographic inscription Claude Levi Strauss, Tristes Tropiques (1955), which depicts anthropologist’s travels across the territories of the Mato Grosso area in the Amazon. […] Starting from the idea that every geographical territory is bound in a dense set of different material and cultural contexts through which the subjective experience of a certain landscape (scenary) is born, Lidija Delić is moving along the boundary of the unclear boundary between the usual and the unknown, the exotic and the everyday. Hallucinatory sonic vision of field sound is created in cooperation and exchange of audio recordings with Marija Delić Peinetti, who has been working on sound, image contextualization and visual research, for several years. 
Full text by Miloš Zec:

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