Stadt hören / Listen to the City: Karlsplatz 1

Unsafe interventions in public space. Reality as a field of action beyond control. The City as a process. Hangl’s works take place in real and fictional settings, they mark a consistent confrontation between man and environment. He pushes at the boundaries between physical and psychological spaces. With the public space as his stage he playfully embeds a site and context-responsive set of experiences and interactions for both planned and incidental audiences. 

Part 1 out of 6 unfiltered field recordings broadcasted live on radio (23.4.2015)

Listen to the City raises questions of designing acoustic spaces of action. The unfiltered transmission of the urban sound space at Karlsplatz opens up an acoustic space of possibilities. How does the public show itself at the city’s most central square? Six live broadcasts convey a listening image of the city that is free of intention and left to chance, but does not exclude acoustic events. 

Oliver Hangl is a performance/media artist, curator, urban activist.