Silent Observer

Video performance acts as a monologue confession of a woman in her early thirties and the obstacles she is dealing with. Content deals with issues such as gender, identity, migration, and ethnicity. Autobiographical thoughts are exposed to the audience through the audio recording only, while the performer in the video is only partially visible. It gives a notion of a classical portrayal, with the mind being the main source of happening. The artist is addressing the audience with the world’s issues – which are still current – while trying to escape her inner conflict where she is asking herself if she, as an individual has done enough for the society and if that is even possible given her personal confusion. Performance is not only personal; it is sharing common threads of the everyday world and appeals to the public to identify with the performer and vice versa.

Đejmi Hadrović is a Time-Based Media artist who elaborates on definitions of feminism, sexuality, and gender in post-Yugoslav spaces. Her work is based on the theoretical framework she applies in contemporary artistic practice, using video, photography, performance, and installation. She was a finalist of the OHO Award for Young Visual Artists of Slovenia in 2018, as well as a participant of several international artistic residencies, and has presented her works at numerous international exhibitions. In 2018, she was the recipient of the City of Vienna award, and in 2017 she was a scholarship recipient of the Austrian Federal Chancellery. Since 2017 she is a doctoral scholar at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, under the mentorship of Prof.Dr. Marina Gržinić.