Opera of Things – Beauty

Opera of Things is a work that consists of two forms: as a three-part sound installation including the Velicon, an instrument invented by Veličković; and as a live music-theatre experience performed during several occasions.

Three-part installation Opera of Things originates from the concept “Internet of Things”: just like the ‘Internet of things’ suggests the widening of the possibilities to transfer data over a network of everyday objects, mechanical and digital devices, in the same way the concept of voice in this work spreads outside of the domain of living beings to the sound produced by the electromagnetic field of devices (ventilators, power adapters, remote controls, magnets). The networking of voices and the history of the mechanical production of the singing voice resonates in a specific way in which the sublime, post-human potentiality of singing and voicing of inanimate objects is questioned.

Referring to the elements in opera, three parts of the installation include the aria “Beauty 3.2 Volts” for power adapter, duet “Diva and the Beast” for Velicon, the instrument constructed by the composer herself, and castrati quartet “Ophelia” for four power adapters.

These ‘objects’ – only in appearance silent and cold metal or plastic system units, but actually the treasuries of the most diverse kinds of sounds, from the almost tangible robust low, to the very profound and delicate high ones – received their voice through the composer/performer’s movements.

Opera of Things is commissioned by CBK Rotterdam for the exhibition Post-Opera, the curatorial project by Kris Dittel and Jelena Novak. Opera Of Things is supported by Тhe Performing Arts Fund NL.