24th International Festival of Computer Art MFRU

12 – 19. 10. 2018

24th edition of the International Festival of Computer Art MFRU, which was organized around the topic of Trust . 3, took place at numerous locations in Maribor. This time focused on female authors, festival gathered many artists, theoreticians and art collectives from the ex-YU region and world-wide. In the art space UGM STUDIO Femkanje presentet a new artwork, a media intervention with the title Femkanje Open Mic.

Femkanje Open Mic is a media intervention, an invitation to participate and an ongoing live stream. Based on the idea of unlimited trust and equality, our work aims to once more (and now even more inclusively) open the space for free speech and artistic agency while keeping the participant’s anonymity. At the times of saturation and media darkness, fake news and information bubbles, Femkanje reacts by enabling a safe zone for expression. Pushing the borders of radio and (artistic) space, the installation effectively surveills the soundscape of a gallery. We invite multiple outlooks, contrasted perspectives and various concerns to be spoken out.

Curator: Miha Horvat
More about the exhibition here.