Depression (Matter of Fact)

Matter of fact is a cut-up composition and an audio-visual installation that consists of 5 shorter pieces: Myself, Depression, Society, Differences, People.

The lyrics are snippets taken from the interviews with artists from all over the world, made for the purpose of the Seismographic sounds exhibition, curated by the Norient collective from Switzerland. The smallest fragments being re-contextualized into meaningful songs, speak of universal topics that concern all of us. These topics are generalized to the point of being extremely stereotypical, but their ambiguity in the given context also opens up the space for more complex interpretations.

The interface functions like a modern version of a “jukebox”. Each word is a title of the composition that is being activated when the word is placed into the main white box.

Visuals that accompany music are made in a “karaoke” style. Each composition has a visually distinctive style and shows the references to motion graphics as being used in TV commercials and video clips, taking a critical stand towards the “brainwashing” culture of commercial media.