Intimate maps of female cities

Through the personal descriptions of the city, we openly speak about our doubts and ambivalence towards the (political / ideological) reality.
Svetlana Boym, “Future of Nostalgia”

Skopje is FEMALE! is part of the program Intimate maps of female cities developed by Tiiiit! Inc. First aired as radio program on Kanal 103 in 2013 as part of the promotional activities for the first edition of the Festival of Feminist Culture and Action Firstborn Girl, it grew into an initiative to make alternative maps of all Yugoslavian capitals. By now apart from Skopje, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Pristina have been mapped, as well as Bitola – major town in the Macedonian south.

Following the idea that the topography of a city is closely related to the personal biographies of its citizens and that urban archaeology is essentially archaeology of our personal memories, during a show broadcasted from a driving car, we host several guests showing us their own intimate, essentially female stories related to their city. Driving through their personal trajectories and listening to their music, we create an intimate female map of the city, contrasted to the violent monumentation and masculinization of the cities today.