I Feel You

Sound Sculpture (2020)
“I Feel You” is a sounds sculpture that echoes on the idea of embodying technology.

“I am the center.
I exceed boundaries in every direction.
I’m inside of what I make, and it’s inside me.
I feel uneasy.
Why do my body end at the skin?
Why I encapsulate technology with skin?
I resonate.
I feel you.
Do you feel me?
My machine is disturbingly lively”

Natalia Domínguez Rangel (NL/CO) composer/sound artist living and working between Vienna and Amsterdam. Domínguez Rangel’s work connects closely to critical listening, anything related to the characteristics of sound and all physical qualities that articulates space. She is interested in how sound affects and resonates with an audience physiologically and psychologically, and how space and specifically acoustic space make one think of time, ecology, technology and architecture.
Sound is power, it can be a source of both pain and pleasure.