Fluctuations: Momentum Gallery

With Fischer’s use of extended techniques and feedback system as well as Araszkiewicz’s electronics governed by electromagnetic fields and brainwaves the duo’s performances (inc. Porgy and Bess Vienna 2018, and appreciated conclusion of AudioArtFestival in Krakow, 2017) show the timbral variety of this instrumentation.

Franciszek Araszkiewicz, composer and sound installation artist, laureate of, a.o. Avenir Grant (Arnold Schoenberg Center) composer-in-residence in MuseumsQuartier, his instrumental and electroacoustic works were awarded in numerous competitions. 

Michael Fischer, musician-composer works on the speech immanence of sounds, their sculptural and dramatic evidence, in the field of improvised/experimental music. In 1999 developed an exclusively analog instrument,  the feedback-saxophone. In 2004 he launched the Vienna Improvisers Orchestra.