Nevena Prijić-Binney – narration
David Binney- music
Text – Carl Sagan Copyright © 1994 by Carl Sagan, Copyright © 2006 by Democritus Properties, LLC.

The sense of instability and fragility of human beings has been emphasized in the last year due to the global pandemic and climate change. The daily fear of death has caused a sense of urgency of time and influenced a change in my work and the introduction of new daily routines, which had long been waiting their turn. Although I thought I was one of those people who appreciate every moment of this short life, Covid 19 has reminded me of the things I had taken for granted. TV commercials and billboards comfort us – “We are all in this together”, a message that has become a daily mantra. Carl Sagan’s words, although uttered 30 years ago, sound louder than ever; inspired by a photograph taken by Voyager 1 from the edge of the solar system, he said that our planet appeared like a crumb of dust, smaller than a pixel.Nevena P.B.
Jan 2021, Los Angeles

The music was created in the part of the apartment that David Binney, my husband, uses as his studio. The two of us, as a painter and a musician, often collaborate, whenever he needs a visual description of his work, I am there, and vice versa; in this case, I needed sound. David has composed a lot of ambient and electronic music lately. The night before I mentioned the project for Femkanje to him, he wrote this composition, which fit in perfectly with the text by Carl Sagan.