audio work for the exhibition of Simonida Rajčević – Strelice (Arrows), Gallery of the Youth Centre, October 2020
Sound: Manja Ristić

From the text by Jelena Pavićević:

“The exhibition of Simonida Rajčević’s paintings presents a unified nonlinear narrative flow, through which the artist shows the diversion created due to the dispersive construct of power relations. The position of perceiving a broader picture of the Arrows project could be read through fragments from popular culture, but also understood as a reference system that unites and contrasts the norms established in culture and society. By staging events that, at the moment of their escalation become frozen in time, the artist points out the importance of the positions of the aggressor and the victim, who, under certain circumstances, fight for authority over the other(s). In this way, the simulacra from the paintings become signifiers of the struggle, which, depending on the presentation of events, represent a kind of allusion to social discourses positioned in popular culture, and through the symbolic meaning – in everyday life.”