mirage, 2020 (11:26)
restless Horizon, 2020 (9:27)
šuma, 2016 (11:36)
nocturnes, 2019 (14:05)
sphinx, 2020 (9:50)

This release documents the current stage in the evolution of the duo, which gained momentum during the spring of 2020 when most other musical activities were suddenly curtailed.

All the compositions are collaborative, and developed through improvisation, except šuma, which was written for Ensemble Studio 6 by Richard in 2016. In their work together, Milana (acoustic and electric harp, percussion, electronics) and Richard (computer, keyboard) explore the sound space between acoustic and electronic instruments. The two instruments are often able to merge with one another to the point of indistinguishability – creating new sound worlds through their mutual meta-instrument. Opposed to that are situations where they remain timbrally distinct and interweave (or not) on other musical levels.

This unique duo, based in Serbia, have been performing together since 2013, having collaborated with musicians, ensembles, and visual artists in North America, Australia, and throughout Europe. Together they lead and perform in the Ensemble Studio6.

Milana Zarić is the principal harpist of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, solo and chamber musician and improviser, internationally active in classical, contemporary, and improvised music scenes.

Richard Barrett is a renowned British composer, improviser, professor and researcher, whose compositions are performed worldwide.

Mirage can be seen on Youtube, in collaboration with Belgrade based artist Incredible Bob, who provided video animation, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxOETT51zLA&t=99s