MAKURA NOTO ( Note / no Oto ) ” (meaning ” pillow note or the sound of pillow ”, note is ‘ no o to ‘ in Japanese) ポントンの演奏をバックグラウンドに、自身の夢に見た物語を堀真理子が語ります。

Mariko Hori is a Japanese artist currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Her works, consisting mainly of installations, often study alternative atmospheric experiences through modest yet intentional placement of carefully chosen objects to give texture to the space and time between structures.

MAKURA NOTO is a sound performance in collaboration with PonTon (Igor Stangliczky & Marko Jevtic) and Mariko Hori. Mariko reads fragments of stories from her dreams aloud on the sounds which PonTon explores. Recorded at Kafe-knjižara Meduza November 18, 2016, Belgrade, Serbia.