Text and concept: Maja Pelević
Music concept and realization: Anja Đorđević and Svetlana Maraš
Light: Nikola Zavišić
Performers: Maja Pelević, Anja Đorđević and Svetlana Maraš
Venue: Bitef teatar
Premiere: November 2013

Consequences is an auteur project by playwright Maja Pelević, in which she performs her own play. It deals with re-examining the author’s relationship to her own text, to the world she lives in, the future that awaits her or not, the expectations of the environment when it comes to women’s identity (marriage, motherhood), different beginnings and endings that befall us in certain periods of life, “ends of the world” that never happen and events from history that, seen from the point of view of an individual, take on a completely new meaning. Considering personal and collective experiences that bring certain consequences, this project represents a sort of a personal requiem for the future.

Since the text itself requires a certain music treatment, Consequences is created in cooperation with the author’s long-time collaborator, composer Anja Đorđević and Svetlana Maraš, who perform the music for the play live. By combining the spoken word, ambient music, sounds of various objects, noise and documentary recordings in a collage, they overcome the boundaries between words and sound, and the language of music and the music of words become organically connected.