New Songs for the New Ceremony

New Songs for the New Ceremony is a collection of 10 spoken poems written both for myself and for an unknown listener, a virtual figure of understanding, a protagonist of perpetual absence. It is thus a commentary on the very act of transmission between the voice and the ear. The lyrical elements are meant to be absorbed over time. It was recorded after a long session of melancholy, while sitting on a bed in a Münich hotel, and acts as a bridge back to life.

Josseline Black a.k.a L æx Vota is a writer, critic, choreographer, and sound maker implementing time-based media to generate performativity. She is currently building a social sculpture called “The Opening Response”, which uses the interview format to tap the analogic vision of curators, artists, and composers to share their novel reflections on alterity and contemporaneity. In addition, she is developing a choreographic methodology based on pleasure principles.

Image credit: NASA