The Girls Rock Camp

The final concert of the third generation of the Girls Rock Camp in Knjaževac in 2019. Six bands perform six original songs. It was the first time that the methodology was used through which the girls, together with their mentors, wrote compositions, which they then performed at the final concert. At the concert of the third generation of the Camp, the girls, in the bands Autskulerke, Blood Rush, Infrakt, Toxic Taste, Pretty Little Rockers, Black Eye, Nightmare and SatinS, performed for the first time the originally written songs Mrzim školu (I hate school), High Voltage, Srce (Heart), Pure Gasoline, Your Time, Strahovi (Fears), Noćna mora (Nightmare) and Komšinica (Neighbour). The atmosphere was amazing, and it became clear to everyone present that the Girls Rock Camp got six new hits.