Fushë Kosova

“Fushë Kosova” is an audio-visual work based on the Albanian translation of the poem “Kosovo Polje” by the famous Serbian poet M. Beckovic. Emotionally charged this poem sings about identity, about its exclusivity and vulnerability. It sings about a mythical land in one color, looking at it with the one eye, playing a tune in a single string… I am not aware that the poem “Kosovo Polje” was previously published in Albanian, so I’m offering this translation as a contribution to establishing communication; the invitation to convey thoughts and ideas to the other party, however conflicting in intention and incongruous in expression they might be.

Darija is a Bosnian born, Calgary based, internationally recognized artist whose work is predominantly conceptual, whether it is a performance, ready-made, sculpture, textual work, minimalist painting, assemblage, or a large scale installation. The common denominator of her artistic practice is her honest confrontation with the issues that trigger her attention and exposing that confrontation to the audience.
Since she experienced being a refugee in the 90’s, then being an immigrant two decades later, her art is questioning issues of identity, equality, social conflict, and freedom of expression.