Terms of Service Fantasy Reader

Terms of Service Fantasy Reader is a collective asynchronous and post-synchronous web drama in the making. Through every iteration, new dramatic frameworks explore audio snapshots of everyday technological and legal protocols in time through individual and group interpretations of Terms of Service of common applications, as well as through expressing personal technical frustrations. Within a collective reading, expressing and listening we find out as much about applications, their hidden languages and privacy policies as we do about ourselves, about our personal and group understanding of creating relationships towards codifying everyday digital behavior. The material used for this audio compilation was formed through a series of workshops, as well as through a web email exchange, encompassing dozens of creative personal expressions.

If you would like to take part in its future dramatic forms, send an email to termsofservicefantasyreader@gmail.com.
New forms will evolve, expand and take over the website at http://www.termsofservicefantasyreader.com/