Cabaret of an Intruder

The whole sound record of Branko Milisković’s performance Cabaret of an Intruder, given on March 29, 2019 at the Balkan Cinema, within the Inner Voices Festival. Looking back, I think that here the absolute idea of the Space of Togetherness was achieved in the last year of the “old normality”.

Intense for the viewer, Milisković’s performance counts on the emotional reaction of the participants. Singing timeless melancholic melodies, the artist suggestively draws the audience into his own space. Emotions, rhythm and control of the performance, as well as the strong presence of the artist, not separated on the stage but assimilated with the audience – bring us into the register of sensitivity, irritability and weakness, which the artist skillfully manipulates.For Milisković, the Intruder is a subject or system that infiltrates a particular group of people with the aim to collect knowledge, and often has the need to strategically colonize the selected territory*. The performance starts with reading Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem The Raven.